Tour to Tusheti-Kakheti-Kazbegi-Khevsureti-Mtskheta-Tbilisi

Tour variety:  cultural-cognitive, adventurous

Route: Tbilisi – Tusheti –kakheti – Stepantsmnida – Tbilisi-  khevsureti –Mtskheta - Tbilisi

Type of transport: minibus or jeep

Food : with or without food

Gathering place: adjacent territory of M Didube


Detailed description of a tour:

Day I

04:00 Hr. Breakfast

05:00 Hr. Going to Omalo direction

13:00 Hr. Lodging in a hotel, in Omalo, dinner

15:00 Hr. Visiting village Shenaqo

16:30 Hr. Visiting village Diklo (walking  2,2  km. One way, hardness-easy)

20:30 Hr. Voing  back in hotel in Omalo


Day II

08:30 Hr. Breakfast

09:30 Hr. Visiting  Keselo towers

11:00 Hr. Visiting village Dano

12:00 Hr. Visiting village Dartlo

13:00 Hr. Visiting village Kvavlo (walking  2  km. One way, hardness-average)

15:00 Hr. Picnic ( tasting delicious dishes)

17:00 Hr. Visiting  village Chesho

18:00 Hr. Visiting  village Parsma

20:00 Hr. Going back in hotel



09:00 Hr. breakfast

10:30 Hr. Visiting villag Bochorna ( the highest settlement in Europe, 2400 m altitude)

11:30 Hr. Visiting village Dochu (walking  0,8 km. One way, hardness-easy)

14:00 Hr. Visiting village Omalo “ Reinjer’s  visitor  centre and picnic

19:00 Hr. Visiting Kvareli  lake

21:00 Hr. Lodging in a hotel in Kvareli


Day IV

12:00 Hr. Breakfast

13:30 Hr. Visiting Nekresi monastery complex

15:00 Hr. Visiting Cremi church

16:30 Hr. Visiting Alaverdi cathedral

17:30 Hr. Going back to Tbilisi

19:30 Hr. Lodging in a hotel in Tbilisi


Day V

06:00 Hr. breakfast

07:00 Hr. Going to Stepantsminda direction

08:00 Hr. Visiting Ananury monastery comlpex

11:00 Hr. Visiting Gergeti Trinity monastery ( walking, 2,6 km, one way, hardness: average)

14:00 Hr. Picnic

15:30 Hr. Visiting Dariali monastery complex

16:00 Hr. Visiting Gveleti waterfall  (walking  1.1 km. One way, hardness-average)

18:00 Hr. Going back to Tbilisi

21:00 Hr. Lodging in a hotel, in Tbilisi


Day VI

05:30 Hr. Breakfast

06:30 Hr. Going to Khevsureti direction

10:30 Hr. Visiting Datvijvari pathway

11:30 Hr. Visiting Lebaiskari  tower

14:00 Hr. Visiting  Shatili towers

15:00 Hr. Picnic

16:30 Hr. Visiting Mutso fortress (walking, 0.8 km. One way, average)

18:30 Hr. Going back to Tbilisi



09:30 Hr. Breakfast

11:00 Hr. Visiting Holy Trinity cathedral

12:30 Hr. Visiting national museum

14:00 Hr. Dinner in Mtskheta

15:00 Hr. Visiting Svetitskhoveli monastry

16:30 Hr. Visiting Jvari monastery

18:00 Hr. Sightseeing in Tbilisi ( Rikhe park, Narikhala fortress, Mtatsmninda)

20:30 Hr. Lodging in a hotel in Tbilisi

Additional information

It's necessary to have light sport equipment, agents protecting from sun/rain, small bottle for water

It's possible to take a boat for Martvili canyons or to swim there. Better to have appropriate equipment.

The fee for Martvili canyons' boats is 5 for short distance and 10 for long distance.

Entrance fee for Noqalaqevi museum is 2 gel.

Entrance fee for Okatse canyon is 5, there are some discounts.

Fee for National museum is 5 g. (there are some discounts)

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