Gudauri – Mountain-Ski resort in the municipality of Kazbegi, at 2196 form the sea level. The resort effectively attracts amateur skiers, as well as the professional ones. Skiing season starts from December and continues to the April. At the resort 5 Ski tracks function, with the total length of 16 km. The highest point of the track is on Sadzele Mountain (3270.) One of the major advantages of Gudauri is also nonstandard, still unexplored traces that especially attract extreme sport followers.

Bakurianii – is located in the municipality of resort Borjomi that due to its unique climate conditions is one of the multi profiled resort in Georgia. It is therapeutic-recreation, as well as mountain ski resort. Therefore Bakuriani actively attracts visitors at any time of the year. The resort is located at 1700m from sea level.

Mestia – is the resort in the historic area of Svaneti, at 1700 m from sea level.  National, cult and defense facilities are still well preserved in Mestia. There is one of the richest ethnographic museums in Georgia as well there. Near to Mestia there are located two mountain ski resorts of international standards: Hawvali and Tetnuldi.

Sairme – Spa –climate   resort is located in the municipality of Baghdati, at 950 m from sea level. Due its climate conditions Sairme is one of the important spa resorts in Georgia. Sairme is rich of mineral waters that are famous since the end of 19th century. Among them mineral water “Sairme” is especial one.  Sanatoria, relax and resorts hospitals function is Sairme nowadays. Active season starts in May and continues till November.

Shovi – Spa resort in the municipality of Oni, at 1650 m from sea level that’s why it is united in the category of Alpine resorts. The resort is special with its unique nature and mineral waters. About 16 mineral waters are discovered on the territory of the resort, and each of them has different components and healing qualities.

Utsera – Spa-Climate resorts in the municipality of Oni, at 900 m from sea level. It belong to the category of mountain resorts. Utsera stands out with beautiful landscapes and unique mineral-healing waters. Climate and beautiful nature is the best healing opportunity. About 28 kinds of mineral waters can be found in Utsera, and each of them is special not only due to their taste, but healing qualities for different illnesses.